BIM Production Services

In today’s fast changing market, consulting and construction companies found themselves pinned against an uphill battle when it came to adopting and implementing BIM technologies. The available resources in terms of skilled workforce are still very limited while the demand for such talents is rising exponentially.
The construction industry found itself facing the dilemma of needing to acquire the BIM technologies quickly and having to pay premium values. BIM International dedicated a major portion of its mission to assist the industry in dealing with the current challenges at very reasonable cost, by providing customized solution to each project scenario, setup, and requirement.
BIM International puts its expertise in this field to advise its clients on the most efficient solutions. The BIM production that we provide is the main service deployed to our clients to address this matter. In the process, we aim to integrate our resources with that of the clients’ and provide seamless services to the project.
The BIM production services comprise multiple approaches such as migration from AutoCAD to Revit, training, guiding, supporting and managing the clients’ teams during the ongoing production, starting the project immediately with BIM technologies, or any combination of the above. Quality, client satisfaction, and professionalism are the core values of BIM International.
Therefore, we thrive to provide the highest quality and carefree ‘after service’. We believe that no client should be left to fend for themselves once our services are concluded. We make ourselves available to stand by our clients and assist with assimilating the services we provided.
We also allow students to re-attend training courses within a period of time after the course completion, if needed, to provide higher level of satisfaction.