Revit 3D Modeling Level of Details(LOD)

a. LOD 100: Conceptual Design
b. LOD 200: Design Development
c. LOD 300: Contract Documents
d. LOD 400: Fabrication & Assembly
e. LOD 500: As-Built Conditions

Note: Download LOD Specification 2015 from home page.

Discrepancies Management:

a. Detecting clashes
b. Reporting RFI’s
c. Attend coordination meeting
c. frequently updating the model

BIM Operation During The Process

The model element, related facilities,Models, and data shall be made available to the Engineer at all times for the purpose of analysis,
simulation, and visualization. The Model Element have the following capabilities as a minimum:

1. 3D Models: For use in clash detection between alltrades.
2. 4D Models: For use in Construction scheduling, Site logistics, phasing, constructability and
sequencing. The Model Element can be integrated into Primavera scheduling software, and
provide 4D visual simulation to address installation issues and create installation
sequences of building components.
3. 5D Models: For use in procurement planning and area conformance checking.

REVIT 3D BIM services